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April - May 2022
Discover How You Can Create Lasting Impact In The World And In Your Community
Let our 20+ experts give you the tools to add impact to your mission in life... even during the challenging times ahead!
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Meet Your Summit Host - Sukhdev Krishan
Sukhdev has been been featured in over 500 media publications including FOX, NBC , ABC, CBS, and many more. He was invited to speak at “Passion vs. Purpose” Mixer in collaboration with the MTV Video Music Awards in New York City and has built relationships and business partnerships with some of the world’s greatest coaches, authors, & business leaders.

Sukhdev welcomes new conversations with donors & influencers who are interested in creating a ‘world of difference’ in business, personally, or around the world without it taking up a whole lot of your valuable time.

On a personal note, Sukhdev is a first generation Canadian born son to loving parents who immigrated to Canada from India in the mid 70’s. Sukhdev knew very little English when entering grade school and took Kindergarten twice. He is a life-long learner, and lives to help others create a successful life. Sukhdev’s daughter PresLeigh (Presley) developed her own brand of high heel shoes known as ‘PresLeigh K’s’ at 6 years old.
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How To Measure The Impact Of Your Charitable Work

It's important to know that your contributions go further than just a one time opportunity. Learn exactly how to create impact and a movement that lasts longer than you may even be alive.

How To Create a Legacy That Will Continue Making a Difference

If you want to continue making a positive difference that stretches well beyond your life span. Discover the best strategies to build a timeless legacy.

How To Get Started Working For A Cause You Are Passionate About

Learn how to find charity work around the passion project you care deeply about. Discover how to get started, where to look, and how to make sure contribution gives the most impact.

Non Profit VS. Not For Profit Explained

Not understanding the difference could cost you and those you want to help more than you may realize. Learn to spot the difference between nonprofit and not for profit.

The Exponential Growth Benefits Adding A Charitable Component To Your Business

Businesses with charitable components to their offers have radically higher sales conversion rates. Find out how to make an impact and income in your business.

The Underground Tax Hacks Of Philanthropic Entrepreneurs

You may have heard a rumor that philanthropists don't pay taxes. We are going to show you exactly how to claim the highest amount of tax benefits.

Do's & Don'ts of Setting Up a Charity To be Successful

Setting up your charity wrong can result in lawsuits and shut downs. We reveal proven ways to set up your charity for success and stay compliant with legal regulations.

How To Give Anonymously Without Losing Tax Advantages

If you've always wanted to donate without showboating then this is one session you don't want to miss. We are pulling back the curtain on how to give anonymously and make an impact.

Adapting A Charitable Cause To Your Organization

Do you know what charity is right for your business? Find out how to adapt a charitable component to your brand, your team culture, and improve in the lives of those you serve.

How To Expand Your Network & Make A Difference With Others

There's an unparalleled power that exists when you network with other givers. Learn how to choose potential partners that align with your mission and build relationships of a lifetime.

How Kindness Is Good For Your Health And Mental Wellness

We have all smiled when we witness an act of kindness. Learn how kindness is good for your mental health and how charitable giving has huge benefits on depression.

Creating Win Win Partnerships With Charitable Causes

Creating win-win partnerships can give you a huge competitive advantage. Find out the underground strategies used to maximize win win partnerships with charitable causes.

Fundraising Ideas That Are Working Now

There's a lot of boring fundraising ideas that waste your time and money. Find out what wacky and unusual fundraising idea worked and discover some successful money raising campaigns.

Tips & Techniques For Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowd funding is a multi billion dollar fundraising source that can deliver quick results. Find out what not to do and learn the easiest strategies that deliver the greatest impact.

Event Types And Content That Attracts Donors

Knowing how to attract donors is a key component to running a successful charity event. Find out how to convert your attendees into givers and gamify the giving process,

Finding Charities That Align With Your Niche Or Business

Choosing the right partner is vital to your charity's success. Discover proven strategies to find the right charity that suits your niche.

How To Create More Time For Causes Without Risking Your Family Or Business

Are you feeling torn between doing charitable work and your personal life? Learn what you can do to create more time and expand your reach by scheduling philanthropy into your life.

How Fundraising Strategies Shifted Post Covid

Fundraising during a pandemic is tough and can be embarrassing because of backlash. Discover insights on how fundraising shifted and what you can do even in the most challenging time.

Show Your Charitable Support Even If You Don't Have HUGE Resources

Finding creative ways to show charitable support can help deliver more impact than you know. Find out what organizations are looking for besides just money.

Understanding Charity Overhead And Finances

Charitable organizations get a bad wrap for spending money internally. Find out what happens when an organization loses money due to poor management.

How To Measure The Impact Of Your Charitable Work

It's great to want to show support for a charity but do you know where your hard earned money is actually going? Find out exactly how companies track and measure their charity progress.

Getting High-Ticket Sponsors/Donors For Your Nonprofit

Sponsorship packages are an important component to any charitable event. Discover how to make your event successful by getting high-ticket sponsors to join your event.
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